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« Je suis un témoignage. Cliquez pour me modifier et mettre en valeur vos services. Donnez ainsi un espace à vos clients pour dire tout le bien qu'ils pensent de vous et de votre activité. »

Sabine Dubois, Chef de Projet

" I was privileged to have met this remarkable young woman Alizé Utteryn at a United Nations event. Immediately I was impressed  by her vision and strong desire to not only succeed but to flourish as a competent business person. I’ve observed her drive and dedication to her magazine, to make it a work of quality, and a successful business entity. She has the perspicacity and tenacity to succeed and it’s reflected in this amazing work of hers called AlizéLaVie. In her, you will find a creative mind, a success oriented personality and the unyielding will to succeed by combining traits that exemplify hard work and dedication and whatever endeavors she has decided to pursue” . 

Alex  Antoine It  Operations  Division UNICEF

 « Mrs Alizé Utteryn took up challenges to reunite people from all over the world through her magazine AlizéLaVie in one multicultural group   regardless their religion, ethnicity, culture, gender or orientation which is a powerful and uniting message. She has an unique vision and   inspiring that can and should make the difference in the world with an impact on the new generation. I am very proud to support her talent   and expertise. Moreover she is a national pride from neighboring French Guiana which is the only South American country being a part of the   European Union, the Caribbean as well as South America. Since I have a special interest to foster and develop sustainable relationship with   Suriname and French Guiana, I consider her to be my main ally in this regard. I therefore plan to collaborate sturdily with her magazine on   different projects in New York but also back in my home country as well in French Guiana and the rest of the Caribbean and South America.   Consequently I respectfully urge you to give due consideration to her desires and to support her current and futures endeavors. She has   proven to be an extraordinary force in every mission she has embarked on »

Henry Macdonald, President of World Development Foundation

 Former Ambassador of Suriname to the UN