2019 to 2020

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May 2019
3rd Annual United Nations conference 2019

Media Entrepreneur, CEO of AlizéLaVie and also Vice President of Media & Public Affairs in the United African Congress and United States; Alizé Utteryn, was one of the leading figures honorees at the 3rd annual international conference of prevention against drugs through youth promotion and education. The conference held on May 31st  at the United Nations Headquarter was organized by the Council for Justice, Equality and Peace (COJEP) and Drug Free World Foundation. She received an honorary certificate for all her great work she has been actively doing over the years in the United States and globally. Specifically among young people from all backgrounds, international community for the services rendered at the United Nations and for the Diaspora as a whole.

African Business Leader celebration

On September 9th 2019 CEO of AlizeLaVie Corporate  Alizé Utteryn was honored as an African Business Leader for her leadership and dedicated services to the community by African Immigrants commission of NY&CT. She received certificates of Merit and appreciation. 

Sept 2019
Diaspora Women Entrepreneurship Network 

Diaspora Women Entrepreneurship Network organized on September 27, 2019 in New York “A Night of International Women Entrepreneur. Many international successful women entrepreneurs in the Diaspora were recognized for their achievement. International Business consultant Alizé Utteryn was one of them to be honored and esteemed with a certificate of honor given by his Excellency, the Chief of Staff of the Burkina Faso President. 

Sept 2019
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Dec 2019
Overseas Department Talents 2019

On December 13th 2019, The French Guianese Alizé Utteryn,  CEO and founder of AlizéLaVie Corporate was awarded with the “Confirmed Talent honor" during the “ Overseas Department Talents” ceremony held under the patronage of the French President E. Macron, took at the Palais d'Iéna, in Paris in the presence of French Minister of Overseas Departments, Annick Girardin. Her inspiring journey and professional career in the United States was praised for her many international achievements and success. And her unfailing determination to contribute not only to her home country development but also for the Diaspora was spotlighted.

Dec 2020
President's Volunteer Service Awardee 2019

In Dec 2020 Alize Utteryn  was one of the recipient of President's Volunteer Service Award 2019 for her voluntary work in 2019. This award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too. In others words  it  is honoring all the volunteers who are using their time and talents to solve some of the toughest challenges facing our nation.